Nolan (thewordnerd) wrote in gimpgamers,

First post!

Hi! I thought I'd toss out a brief personal introduction to both . . . ahem . . . introduce myself (really now!) and to explain my motivations behind the community.

I've been totally blind since birth. Any additional available information can be gotten from my userinfo. :) I've identified as a gamer for a bit over a year. Previously I'd looked at various open source 3-D engines and asked myself "Wouldn't it be awesome if I could create a 3-D, audio-based game?" I thought there'd be no interest, though, and gave the idea up.

About a year ago, I stumbled onto a number of accessible game companies which I hadn't even heard of. This company called GMA Games had even produced a first person shooter and tank/submarine simulation. Unfortunately I didn't have a windows box available, so I spent a few weeks speculating on how the games would work, assuming they were just bastardized real-time interactive fiction with sounds.

I was wrong. They're certainly more limited than their visual counterparts, but within a day of getting my windows laptop I was running around in dark passages, freaking out whenever a new monster sprung at me to attack, wondering what I'd find around the next corner . . . or driving my tank through an open field, taking out intel bases and enemy units while dodging traps and incoming missiles. I was hooked. :)

I realized, though, that I could probably do better than many of the current commercial offerings, so I bought a domain name and began hacking on various concept engines. Much of the first few months was spent plugging away at a C++/CrystalSpace codebase which I eventually scrapped. I then moved onto a scripted solution, but because I'd be stuck distributing the games as source, I abandoned that philosophy. Now I've got part of an accessible Asteroids concept demo implemented, and am waiting for this C#/.net game engine to mature. Since then I've done a bit of concept work for the AGRIP project, a group which is working on making Quake and the Quake engine accessible. I'm also trying to get involved with, an accessible games development organization.

More recently, a few friends have gotten me hooked on more traditional games. I'm currently playing in two World of Darkness games, and am vaguely considered running my own, albeit in a different setting. The same friends hooked me on Mancala, and I bought a board and set of stones last week.

I like this hobby, but I'm running up against a few odd situations which I don't quite know how to resolve. There don't appear to be accessible dice in non-D6 varieties, for instance, and random dice rollers don't interest me. I'm also pondering how I might go about making graphical maps in ebooks accessible such that I can run campaigns with them. I'm also looking for additional games that are a) accessible and b) non-traditional. Cards and chess are nice, but sometimes I find myself wanting something more strategic or different. I'm hoping to accomplish the above with this community, and am also hoping to offer others who may not be aware of their options an introduction to this hobby.

Welcome to the community!

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