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Mac games?

I'm a Mac user who is legally blind. I use a combination on Voice Over and Text Zoom to access my 450 mhz G4 with 512 meg of ram.
I'm in search of games that will work for me. I have a few that I can play using Text Zoom but most of those are things like Mah Jong, word games, or match 3 games. I would really like something that I can lose myself in and get rid of anger/aggression.
I can still sort of play The Sims and that's great for losing myself but it really isn't what I'm interested in at the moment.
Something like Shades of Doom would really be good. I don't have a way to emulate a PC.
I've thought about mudding but I can't seem to find a mud client I like. I'm using Cantrip at the moment and would like to avoid X11 or Java if at all possible.
Any ideas?

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